Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.8 No.2 June 1999

  1. Wear Resistance of Vanadium Carbide Coating Layer Coated by TD Process
  2. Effects of Extractants on Copper Ion Extraction with Hollow Fiber Supported Liquid Membranes
    Itsara KASEMSESTHA and Ura PANCHAROEN (Pages 15-24)
  3. Materials Engineering Approaches Towards Advanced Bioceramics Coatings on Ti6Al4V Implants
    Robert B. HEIMANN, Khemchai HEMACHANDRA and Pibul ITIRAVIVONG (Pages 25-40)
  4. Hot Deformation of Low Carbon Steel in Ferritic Range
    Kriangyut PHIU-ON, Prasonk SRICHAROENCHAI, Heike LANGNER and Wolfgang BLECK (Pages 41-50)
  5. Effects of Small Molecular Solvent on Phase Diagram of Polymer Blends
    Supin SOMPRADEEKUL, M.L. Supakanok THONGYAI and Siriporn DAMRONGSAKKUL (Pages 51-61)
  6. Domestic Lab Feasibility Study of NiTinol Preparations
    Sumalee VONGCHAN and Weera PHLAWADANA (Pages 62-72)
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