Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.8 No.1 December 1998

  1. Novel Organic/Inorganic Composites for Coating Applications
    Kawee SRIKULKIT, Jeng I. CHEN, Ratcharoj CHAREONSAK and Vuthipong PUENGPIPAT (Pages 1-10)
  2. Preliminary Experiment of Low Molar Mass Thermotropic Liquid Crystal as a Plasticizer of Polycarbonates
    Aunchana CHUENCHAOKIT, M.L. Supakanok THONGYAI and Suraphan POWANUSORN (Pages 11-20)
  3. An Equilibrium Theory on Separation via Thermal Parametric Pump : Part III. The Model Equations
    Ura PANCHAROEN (Pages 21-34)
  4. Calcined Bone Ash Filled Polyethylene Composites
    Khemchai HEMACHANDRA (Pages 35-40)
  5. Comparative Performce between Cu/Na -ZSM-5 and Cu/H-ZSM-5 in NO Abatement
    Nakarin MONGKOLSIRI and Piyasan PRASERTHDAM (Pages 41-55)
  6. Effect of Sand Properties and Pouring Temperature on Casting Defect
    Thanaporn KORAT, Paritud BHANDHUBANYONG and John T. H. PEARCE (Pages 56-64)
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