Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.7 No.2 June 1998

  1. An Equilibrium Theory on Separation Via Thermal Parametric Pump : Part II
    Ura PANCHAROEN (Pages 1-16)
  2. Modeling of Temperature Change of Liquid Steel in BOF by Neural Network
    Kitisak NGAMJARUSKOCHAKORN, Chatchai SOMSIRI, Ittipon DIEWWANIT (Pages 17-31)
  3. Mechanism of Diesel Exhaust Gas Abatement by Synthetic Zeolite ZSM-5
    Waraporn TANAKULRUNGSANK, Piyasan PRASERTHDAM, Pongphrom CHALERMVANAPONG (Pages 32-38)
  4. Sinterred ZnO:Al Sputterring Target for Transparent Conducting Film Preparation
    Khomkrit POONAUDOM, Pong SONGPONGS, Chanwit CHITYUTTAKAN, Kajornyod YOODEE and Somphong CHATRAPHORN (Pages 39-44)
  5. Refinement of Primary Silicon in Hypereutectic Aluminium-Silicon Alloys
    Patama VISUTTIPITUKUIL, Onnjira THANUDAPE, Ittipon DIEWWANIT (Pages 45-52)
  6. Heat Sealing of Polypropylene Film in Flexible Packaging
    Khemchai HEMACHANDRA and Nataya EUAPITAKSAKUL (Pages 53-66)
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