Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.7 No.1 December 1997

  1. High Temperature Properties of Wrought Nickel Based Superalloy in Creep - Fatigue Conditions
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Ekasit NISARATANAPORN, Jozef ZRNÍK, Vladimir VRCHOVINSKÝ and Peter HORŇAK (Pages 1-12)
  2. Forming of Electronic Substrate from Alumina by Doctor Blade Process
    Surasak WAITAYAWONGSKUL (Pages 13-20)
  3. The Application of Rice Husk Ask for Silica Gel Adsorbent Production
    Srichalai KHUNTHON, Supin TANGWIWAT, Sophon ROENGSUMRAN (Pages 21-30)
  4. Crease Resistant Finishing of Cotton Fabric with Citric Acid
    Pranee RATTANAWALEEDIROJN (Pages 31-38)
  5. The Crosslinking of Chitosan Film Using Glutaraldehyde as a Crosslinking Agent
    Rudklao PUTIVARANAT (Pages 39-44)
  6. Effect of Wet and Dry Milling on Properties of Sintered Hydroxyapatite
    Siripan NILPAIRACH (Pages 45-49)
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