Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.3 No.2 June 1992

  1. ʶҹҾ͹Ҥͧصˡԡ෤շҧԡ㹻
    Lek UTTAMASIL( ص) (Pages 5-11)
  2. صˡ㹻
    Paritud BHANDHUBANYONG(Էȹ ѹغ§) and Wikrom VAJRAGUPTA(ԡ ѪФػ) (Pages 13-20)
  3. Ѳҡâͧʴ㹡÷Ը͡
    Paritud BHANDHUBANYONG(Էȹ ѹغ§) (Pages 21-61)
  4. çٹɰԨصˡʴ
    Mantana BURAPAPORN(ѳ þҾ) (Pages 62-63)
  5. СþѲҢͧͧͼк (Development Trends of Shuttleless Looms)
    Werasak UDOMKICHDECHA(ѡ شԨപ) and Sathit PUTTACHAIYONG(ҸԵ ط§) (Pages 64-70)
  6. Potential Use of Basalts from Thailand in Mineral Fibre Production
    Reinhard CONRADT and Preeda PIMKHAOKHAM (Pages 71-85)
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