Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.3 No.1 August 1991

  1. Carbon/Carbon Composite (Part I) : An Ultrahigh - Temperature Composite
    Chatree LAKTHONG(ҵ ѡͧ) (Pages 5-16)
  2. ûءҹͧͺ蹼Ǵ¾
    Woraphat PHUCHAROEN(ѷ ԭ) (Pages 17-20)
  3. СüԵС͡Թԡ㹻Ѩغѹ
    Lek UTTAMASIL( ص) (Pages 21-23)
  4. ͧ¡硷صˡͧ ()
    Pinyo MEECHUMNA(ԭ ժӹ) (Pages 25-47)
  5. The Combination of Apatite-Wollastonite Glass Ceramic and Bone Morphogenic Protien
    Pibul ITIRAVIVONG (Pages 49-55)
  6. äǺáѴ͹ͧ (Control of Pipeline Corrosion)
    Pathombowarn PRAPATCHAN( ѷêҭ) (Pages 57-63)
  7. ûͧѹáѴ͹¡÷ (Application of Corrosion Protection by Painting)
    Winij LA-ONGSUWAN(ԹԨ ͧó) (Pages 65-69)
  8. ûѺاѵԷҧŢͧ鹴Ƿ (Mechanical Property Improvement of PET Yarns by Solvent Setting)
    Werasak UDOMKICHDECHA(ѡ شԨപ) , Yupa TIANSATAPORN(ؾ ʶҾ) and Somsak CHANSAENGDAO(ѡ ѹʧ) (Pages 70-79)
  9. þѹǧ ʴ
    BLACKTHORN(Ť) (Pages 80-81)
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