Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.15 No.2 December 2005

  1. Dynamo Line Simulation using a Hot Dip Process Simulator
    E. J. Hilinski, G. N. Walters, R. H. Wolf, J. Huńady, A. Magurova, and M. Predmerský (Pages 1-15)
  2. Influence of Chemistry and Hot Rolling Conditions on High Permeability Non-Grain Oriented Silicon Steel
    J. Hunady, M. Cernik, E. J. Hilinski, M. Predmersky, A. Magurova (Pages 17-23)
  3. The Study of a Drop of Plasticity Behavior of the As-Cast Low Carbon Steels in γ → α Transformation Region
    Antonín Ševčík and Jarmila Ševčíková (Pages 25-29)
  4. The Effect of Strain Rate on Mechanical Properties in Microalloyed Steels, Grade S 315 MC and S 460 MC
    Elena Čižmárova and Zdeňka Jeníková (Pages 31-37)
  5. Structure and Properties of Thin Layer Substrate on High Speed Steel with Different Thickness of TiN
    Mária Hagarová (Pages 39-43)
  6. Centerline Segregation of Continuously Cast Slabs Influence on Microstructure and Fracture Morphology
    Martin Fujda (Pages 45-51)
  7. Mechanical Properties of Blasting Steel Sheet
    Mária Mihaliková, Marián Buršák, Ján Micheľ and Katarína Kovalová (Pages 53-56)
  8. Effect of Final Cold Rolled Microstructures on Creep Deformation Behavior in Nickel Base Alloy
    Vladimir Vrchovinský, Jozef Zrnik, Tibor Kvackaj and Panyawat Wangyao (Pages 57-68)
  9. Effect of Heat Treatments after HIP Process on Microstructure Refurbishment in Cast Nickel-Based Superalloy, IN-738
    Panyawat Wangyao, Gobboon Lothongkum, Viyaporn Krongtong, Saruti pailai and Sureerat Polsilapa (Pages 69-79)
  10. Physical and Rheological Properties of Asphalts Modified with Polyethylene-co-methylacrylate and Acids
    W. Trakarnpruk, R. Chanathup (Pages 79-87)
  11. Solvent Extraction Study of Rare Earths from Nitrate Medium by the Mixtures of TBP and D2EHPA in Kerosene
    J. Kraikaew, W. Srinuttrakul and C.Chayavadhanakur (Pages 89-95)
  12. Effects of Silicon Powder Size on the Processing of Reaction-Bonded Silicon Nitride
    Kittima Sillapasa, Sawai Danchaivijit, and Kuljira Sujirote (Pages 97-102)
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