Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.15 No.1 June 2005

  1. Conformational Diversity of Chitosan
    Kozo OGAWA (Pages 1-5)
  2. Manipulations of the Molecular Weight and/or the Degree of Deacetylation of Chitosan by Mechanical Treatments
    Rong Huei CHEN (Pages 7-11)
  3. A Novel Chitosan-Based Gel System
    George A F ROBERTS (Pages 13-18)
  4. Preservation of Chitosan Aqueous Gel under Neutral Conditions
    Hiroshi TAMURA, Keta WADA, Ratana RUJIRAVANIT and Seiichi TOKURA (Pages 19-21)
  5. Production of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine from Chitin Using Crude Enzyme : Preparations in Large Scale
    Seiichi AIBA (Pages 23-25)
  6. Purification and Properties of a Chitosanase from Bacillus cereus P16
    Woo-Jin JUNG, Ju-Hee KUK, Yu-Lan JIN and Ro-Dong PARK (Pages 27-32)
  7. Application of Chitinase in Agriculture
    Daizo KOGA (Pages 33-36)
  8. Utilization of Chitosan for Organic Shrimp Production
    Shewin ATTASART, Wiwat RUENGLERTPANYAKUL and Piyabutr WANICHPONGPAN (Pages 37-43)
  9. Profitable Spin-off from Using Chitosan in Orchid Farming in Thailand
    Suwalee CHANDRKRACHANG, Penjai SOMPONGCHAIYAKUL, Suvitchai SANGTAIN (Pages 45-48)
  10. Dehydration Performance of Alcohol from Biomass Fermentation by Various Chitosan Membranes
    Tadashi URAGAMI (Pages 49-57)
  11. Biocompatibility of Chitin Derivatives In Vitro
    Wanida JANVIKUL, Paweena UPPANAN, Rujiporn PRATEEPASEN, Somporn SWASDISON, Riccardo MUZZARELLI (Pages 59-62)
  12. Overcoming Chitosan Hydrogen Bond Network: Another Aspect of Chitosan Nanomaterial
    Rangrong YOKSAN, Juthathip FANGKANGWANWONG and Suwabun CHIRACHANCHAI (Pages 63-68)
  13. Chitin and Chitosan as Biomaterials: Going Forward based on Lessons Learnt
    Eugene KHOR (Pages 69-72)
  14. Chitin and Chitosan: Production and Application Research Asian Institute of Technology 1994-2004
    Willem F. STEVENS (Pages 73-81)
  15. Twenty Years of Chitosan Research in Norway
    Olav SMIDSRØD and Kjell Morten VåRUM (Pages 83-88)
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