Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.14 No.1 December 2004

  1. Study on Transformation Behaviour of Bulk Si-Mn Trip Steel
    Jozef ZRNIK, Zbysek NOVY, Petr LUKAŠ, O. MURANSKY, Peter JENČUŠ; and Panyawat WANGYAO (Pages 1-9)
  2. Mechanical Tensile Strength Tests of Rat Skin Wounds during the First Seven Days of the Healing Process
    Radovan HUDÁK, Peter GÁL, Tomáš TOPORCER, Róbert KILÍK, Ján SABO (Pages 11-19)
  3. Properties of ARMCO-Fe after ECAP Processes
    Tibor KVAČKAJ, Imrich POKORNÝ, Vladimir VRCHOVINSKÝ and Martin VLADO (Pages 21-25)
  4. Effects of Particle Size and Powder Packing on the SiC Forming Reaction of Si and C
    Siriporn LARPKIATTAWORN, Piyaluck NGERNCHUKLIN, Wasana KHONGWONG, Nongluck PANKURDDEE and Shigetaka WADA (Pages 27-31)
  5. Effects of Sodium Phosphate and Sodium Sulphate on Corrosion Resistance of AISI 316L Stainless Steel in 3.5 wt% Sodium Chloride Solution
    Kanokwan SAENGKIETTIYUT, Sutthirat LISNUNT and Gobboon LOTHONGKUM (Pages 33-38)
  6. Effects of Aging Conditions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Iron-Based Alloy
    Savarin RATANAMAHASAKUL, Gobboon LOTHONGKUM and Panyawat WANGYAO (Pages 39-48)
  7. Effect of Re-Heat Treatment Conditions on Microstructural Refurbishment of Nickel based Superalloy Turbine Blades, IN-738, after Long-Term Service
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Thanaporn KORATH, Theerapong HARNVIROJKUL, Kanokwan SAENGKIETTIYUT and Veerasak HOMKRAJAI (Pages 49-59)
  8. Fabrication and Physical Properties of NiMn2O4, ZnO+0.02TiO2 and FeNbO4 as Thermoelectric, Heating Element and Negative Temperature Coefficient Materials
    Thongchai PANMATARITH, Preeyanan THEPNUAN, Rudeerat SUNTAKO and Chiraporn SRIPROM (Pages 61-74)
  9. Failure of Micro-Alloyed Steels under Creep Conditions
    Mária MIHALIKOVÁ, Ján MICHEĽ and Marián BURŠÁK (Pages 75-78)
  10. Batch Simulation of Rare Earths Extractive Separation by DI (2-Ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid and Tributylphosphate in Kerosene
    Jarunee KRAIKAEW and Wanee SRINUTTAKUL (Pages 79-88)
  11. Effect of HIP Parameters on Microstructural Repair and Rejuvenation in Long-Term Serviced Superalloy Turbine Blade, IN-738
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Sahathep JOYPRADIT, Pongsak TUENGSOOK, Veerasak HOMKRAJAI and Srichalai KHUNTHON (Pages 89-94)
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