Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.13 No.2 June 2004

  1. Effect of Forming Parameters on Hot Working Process in Nickel Base Alloy
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Tibor KVAČKAJ, Jozef ZRNÍK, Vladimir VRCHOVINSKÝ and Zbyšek NOVÝ (Pages 1-10)
  2. Structural Analysis of DR Covered Sheet Steels on Earing Evaluation
    Veronika ČORNANIČVÁ and Anna GOLIANOVÁ (Pages 11-15)
  3. TEM Analysis of Dislocation Substructure Development after Thermomechanical Processing in Nickel Based Alloy
    Panyawat WANGYAO and Jozef ZRNÍK (Pages 17-23)
  4. Stress Evolution in Nickel Based Single Crystal Superalloy Subjected to Thermal Cycling
    Jozef ZRNÍK, Peter JENČUŠ, Petr LUKÁŠ, Peter HORŇAK and Panyawat WANGYAO (Pages 25-31)
  5. Microstructure Development by Hot and Cold Working Processes in Nickel Based Alloy
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Jozef ZRNÍK, Tibor KVAČKAJ and Piyamanee KOMOLWIT (Pages 33-43)
  6. Silica-Gelatin Nanocomposite as a Carrier for Enzyme Immobilization
    Watinee JULPHARPIMON, Kawee SRIKULKIT and Seerong PRICHANONT (Pages 45-51)
  7. The Study of Isothermal and Anisothermal Deformation Behaviors on Wrought Polycrystalline Nickel Based Superalloy
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Jozef ZRNÍK, Ekasit NISARATANAPORN, Vladimír VRCHOVINSKÝ and Peter HORŇAK (Pages 53-63)
  8. Preparation of Organophilic Montmorillonite and its Application in Alkyd Coatings
    Nantana JIRATUMNUKUL, Sirirat PRUTHIPAITOON, Tossaporn PITSAROUP (Pages 65-70)
  9. Iron Complexes for Oligomerization of Hexene
    Wimonrat TRAKARANPRUK, Anchalee SIRIKULKAJORN (Pages 71-78)
  10. Separation of PET from PET&PVC Mixture by Froth Flotation Technique
    Somsak SAISINCHAI (Pages 79-85)
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