Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.12 No.2 June 2003

  1. An Initial Study of Starch-g-polystyrene Foam Prepared by a Steaming Process
    Tuspon THANPITCHA, Nuttaphong KRITCHAYANON, Duanghathai PENTRAKOON and Vimolvan PIMPAN (Pages 1-6)
  2. The Gelation Behaviors and Mechanical Properties of Silicone Resins for A Breast Model Application
    Kanittha KAMONCHAIVANICH, Chompunut SOPAJAREE and Sarawut RIMDUSIT (Pages 7-12)
  3. The Anti-tarnishing, Microstructure analysis and Mechanical properties of Sterling silver with silicon addition
    Sirirut NISARATANAPORN, Ekasit NISARATANAPORN (Pages 13-18)
  4. Syndiotactic Polystyrene Synthesis using Polymer-Supported Titanocene Catalysts
    Wimonrat TRAKARNPRUK, Niwat APIPANYASOPON (Pages 19-26)
  5. Effect of Copper Content on the Hot Ductility Loss of Low Carbon Steels
    Fujda MARTIN (Pages 27-31)
  6. The Analysis of Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior in a Nickel Based Superalloy
    Jozef ZRNÍK, Jan SEMEŇÁK, Panyawat WANGYAO, Vladimir VRCHOVINSKÝ and Peter HORŇAK (Pages 27-31)
  7. The Effect of Starting Material Ratio, Heating Temperature and Time on the Morphology of Na A zeolite
    Mathavee SATHUPUNYA, Erdogan GULARI and Sujitra WONGKASEMJIT (Pages 41-50)
  8. The Application of Electron Channeling Contrast Mode to Study the Recrystallization Process in Nickel Alloy after Different Thermomechanical Processing Conditions
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Jozef ZRNÍK, Josef KASL, Zbyšek NOVÝ and Piyamanee KOMOLWIT (Pages 51-57)
  9. A Preliminary Study on the Preparation of Environmentally Friendly Materials from Modified Glutinous Starch
    Vimolvan PIMPAN, Ratjana SIRISOOK, Somporn RUNGSUMPUNKUL and Supitchaya Cheunchon (Pages 59-65)
  10. The Analysis of Creep Behavior in an Annealed Nickel Based Alloy
    Panyawat WANGYAO, Jozef ZRNÍK, Vladimir VRCHOVINSKÝ, Zbyšek NOVÝ and Barbora KASANICKA (Pages 67-73)
  11. Maximum Hydrostatic Stress Analysis of Multi-Pass Inclusion Copper Wire Drawing by FEM
    Somchai NORASETHASOPON (Pages 75-80)
  12. Electrospinning Process of Molten Polypropylene in Vacuum
    Ratthapol RANGKUPAN and Darrell H. RENEKER (Pages 81-87)
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