Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.12 No.1 December 2002

  1. Thermal Properties and Moisture Absorption of LDPE/Banana Starch Biocomposite Films
    Duangdao AHT-ONG and Kanjana CHAROENKONGTHUM (Pages 1-10)
  2. Effect of Chemical Treatment on the Characteristics of Shrimp Chitosan
    Pranee LERTSUTTHIWONG, Ng Chuen HOW, Suwalee CHANDRKRACHANG and Willem F. STEVENS (Pages 11-18)
  3. Chemical Recycling of Rigid Polyurethane Foam Scrap via Base Catalyzed Aminolysis
    Saowaroj CHUAYJULJIT, Chaiwat NORAKANKORN and Vimolvan PIMPAN (Pages 19-22)
  4. Oxide One Pot Synthesis of a Novel Titanium Glycolate and Its Pyrolysis
    Nopphawan PHONTHAMMACHAI, Tossaparn CHAIRASSAMEEWONG, Erdogan GULARI, Alexander M. JAMIESON and Sujitra WONGKASEMJIT (Pages 23-28)
  5. Effect of Activation by Alkaline Solution on Properties of Activated Carbon from Rubber Wood
    Phawika CHUENKLANG, Samran THUNGTONG and Tharapong VITIDSANT (Pages 29-38)
  6. Heat Effect on Viscosity and Curing of Light-Cured Dental Resin and Mechanical Strength of Conventional Dental Composites
    Piyanart EKWORAPOJ, Rathanawan MAGARAPHAN and David C. MARTIN (Pages 39-50)
  7. Effects of Particle Size and Amount of Carbon Black and Calcium Carbonate on Curing Characteristics and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber
    Saowaroj CHUAYJULJIT, Aopeau IMVITTAYA, Nuchanat NA-RANONG and Pranut POTIYARAJ (Pages 51-57)
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