Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.11 No.2 June 2002

  1. Machinability of Heat Treated Silicon Powder Compacts
    Kanyatip TANTIKOM, Kuljira SUJIROTE and Sawai DANCHAIVIJIT (Pages 1-7)
  2. Investigation of the Passive Film Formed on SUS 304 Stainless Steel Exposed in an Urban-industrial Atmosphere
    Somrerk CHANDRA-AMBHORN, Gobboon LOTHONGKUM, Noriko MAKIISHI and Misako TOCHIHARA (Pages 8-18)
  3. Properties of Post-used High Density Polyethylene Crates and Its Modification by Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Blending
    Siriporn DAMRONGSAKKUL and Supachai NGAMSINLAPASATHIAN (Pages 19-37)
  4. Prepolymer Synthesis of Polyester by Using Lipase as a Catalyst
    Mathavee SATHUPUNYA, Sujitra WONGKASEMJIT and Erdogan GULARAI (Pages 38-54)
  5. Comparisons of Various Spinodal Decompositions Theories to Small Angle Light Scattering Experiments of Tetramethyl-Bisphenol-A-Polycarbonate and Polystyrene
    M.L.Supakanok THONGYAI, Sirirat WACHARAWICHANANT and Tharathon MONGKHONSI (Pages 55-81)
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