Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.10 No.2 June 2001

  1. Processing of Liquid Crystal Polymer Reinforced Polyethylene Films
    Wannee CHINSIRIKUL (Pages 1-12)
  2. 3 Ways to MgAl2O4 Spinel Powders Used as a Humidity Sensor
    Sujira WONGKASEMJIT and Apirat LAOBUTHEE (Pages 13-27)
  3. The Use of Sols in Tape Casting for PZT Ceramics
    Supin TANGWIWAT and S.J. MILNE (Pages 28-38)
  4. Progress in Visualization and In-process Measurement Technologies in Injection Molding
    Yashuhiko MURATA (Pages 39-51)
  5. Reactive Blending of Polyethylene
    Rathanawan MAGARAPHAN, Pornpirom MOTEPLAY, Chaiwat TOWICHAYATHAMRONG, Baramee MOJDARA, Alexander M. JAMIESON and David C. MARTIN (Pages 52-67)
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