Journal of Metals,Materials and Minerals

Vol.10 No.1 December 2000

  1. Preparation and Characterization of Chitin/Cellulose Blend Films
    Atchachinee PHONWONG, Ratana RUJIRAVANIT and Steven D. HUDSON (Pages 1-22)
  2. Enzymatic Degradation of Chitosan using Staphylococcus species strain TU005 (E) Chitinase
    Dararat MEKKRIENGKRAI, Suwabun CHIRACHANCHAI and Rath PICHYANGKURA (Pages 23-36)
  3. A Study of Chitosan Coating on Different types of Natural Fiber by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
    Krisana SIRALEARTMUKUL and Suwalee CHANDRKRACHANG (Pages 37-42)
  4. The Effect of the Utilization of Chitosan on Properties of Paper
    Pranee LERTSUTTHIWONG, Suwalee CHANDRKRACHANG and Willem F. STEVENS (Pages 43-52)
  5. Local Variation in the Deacetylation of Cuttlefish Chitin Strip
    Chuen-How NG, Suwalee CHANDRKRACHANG and Willem F. STEVENS (Pages 53-60)
  6. Ultrafiltration of Cheese Whey Using Chitosan Membrane
    Piyabutr WANICHPONGPAN, Ajit P. ANNACHHATRE and Suwalee CHANDRKRACHANG (Pages 61-75)
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